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I believe we all have a soul purpose.

To me, a soul-purpose is this: It’s a deep-rooted, inner-knowing that you were meant do a certain thing on this earth. 

Ever since we are little, we have this deep, inner-knowing that we want to do something huge and meaningful with our life. We don't know what it is or even what that means, but over time as we continue to follow our intuition and trust ourselves… Our true purpose becomes clearer and clearer. 

I believe my true soul purpose in this life is helping others. This is why I have created this page which will hopefully grow into a community of strong, determined and patient individuals, coming together as survivors and as friends. 

Do you feel like you have "lost yourself"? Do you suffer from a chronic illness and would like to heal your body and mind naturally? I got you. Everything starts with healing chronic inflammation.

Read all about it on my Holistic Habits Blog. Carefully written with love.